Trending Guy's Gift: The BenchtopPRO

The BenchtopPRO: The Perfect Father's Day Gift!

The BenchtopPRO Best Gift

Give that special gearhead in your life a gift he won’t want to take back.

The BenchtopPRO parts washer is the best gift for that special mechanic or repairman in your life.

The BenchtopPRO parts washer is just the right size for a small repair shop or home garage. It is safe to use, safe for the environment, storable (even with the fluid inside), portable (so he can take it on the road) and uses a non-hazardous, non-flammable, self-cleaning degreasing solution that works on tough parts cleaning jobs.

**Free Shipping For The Holidays: Special offer ends January 1, 2015.**

Do you need a gift for your favorite gearhead? Have you run out of ideas? The BenchtopPRO Bioremediating Parts Washer is the perfect gift and will make your “garage, car, bicycle, or motorcycle “fixer” the envy of his peers. The BenchtopPRO Bioremediating Parts Washer cleans greasy engines, gears, tools, bicycle components, motorcycle parts, wax-based lubricants, and much more. It also eliminates the use of all those harmful, toxic, flammable, smelly solvents currently sitting in your garage.

Using the right tool for the job at hand means getting the job done right. The BenchtopPRO parts washer will make a great addition to any work shop and make your mechanic smile. It also comes with a 5-year Warranty that includes everything on the parts washer, including the brush.

  • The non-solvent, professional strength, solution doesn’t burn or dry out hands.
  • Tough on greasy, dirty, oily, parts – a green alternative to parts cleaning that works.
  • No more smelly, flammable solvents sitting around the garage - it is safe for anyone to be around.
  • Easily stores under a bench even on its end - with the fluid still inside.

As Seen on DIY Network, Velocity Channel’s TruckU, Two Guys Garage, All Girls Garage, Popular Mechanics Magazine and More!

How it Works: The self-contained parts washers unique design and rock-solid construction creates an easy-to-use and easy-to-store system built to clean greasy, dirty and oily parts.


The Perfect Gift For Your Special Gearhead! The BenchtopPRO Bioremediating Parts Washer.

**Free Shipping during the holiday season. Special offer ends January 1, 2015**

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