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June 02, 2014

Wide Open Space - If you are like us, you judge tool purchases by what floor space there is in the garage. We don’t have a hydraulic press because then the drill press would need to go outside. And forget about a parts washer -- until now. The BenchtopPRO is a self-contained parts washer that can sit on your bench while in use and fold up and store vertically when not needed (with the cleaner inside it) -- it’s perfect for shops where floor space is at a premium...  (read more here)


The BenchtopPRO Gets Fishing Reels Ready for Redfish

May 19, 2014

Cody is about to leave for a two week camping and fishing trip to Cape San Blas, Florida. Getting your gear ready is a big part of this type of expedition and cleaning his fishing reels with The BenchtopPRO is just one important aspect of a great fishing trip. Sports fisherman need to know that when they have a “fish on”, their reel will have the smooth action required to catch a large redfish, sea trout, tarpon or snapper.

Using his GoPRo camera, Cody demonstrates how to clean a fishing reel with The BenchtopPRO before his big trip and mentions the importance of cleaning his gear of salt water after each outing.

Cody’s been gone for a week now and here are pictures of some of his catch from the waters of St. Joseph Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Snapper season begins on May 24th in Florida and will be a great way to end the expedition.


Best Way to Clean Golf Clubs – Use The BenchtopPRO

May 1, 2014

It’s May 1st and spring is definitely in the air. We’re tired of the April rain and snow showers and only looking forward to sunshine and May flowers. Our outdoors man, Cody, has been playing a bit of golf. Now his clubs are dirty and instead of getting the kitchen sink dirty and using an old toothbrush, he’s showing us how quick and efficient, The BenchtopPRO green parts washer can clean a five iron.

Since the solution is safe for bare skin, Cody can use his bare hands and not worry about wearing gloves or inhaling harmful chemicals. Father’s Day is next month and The BenchtopPRO parts washer is a gift that will make most Dads happy.


Clean Dirty Car Parts with The BenchtopPRO during National Car Care Month

April 9, 2014

April is National Car Care Month and the BenchtopPRO is your tool for cleaning dirty greasy car parts.

Here is a recent article from the Car Care Council about the importance of getting your car ready for the spring and summer driving season.

Turn to Spring Car Care After Rough Winter

Many vehicles were neglected during the recent brutal winter months, and could use a little extra care by now. The Car Care Council recommends setting aside a little time during National Car Care Month in April to get your vehicle ready for the spring and summer driving season.

“Your car has gotten you through one of the worst winters in recent memory, working overtime in harsh conditions, but the extreme cold, potholes and road salt have taken a toll,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “Since most Americans rely on their vehicles nearly every day to get to work, school and everywhere in between, taking a little time for car care now can save headaches and money in the long run.”

The non-profit Car Care Council recommends that motorists follow three simple steps during National Car Care Month in April.

Keep your vehicle clean. Regular car washes and waxes protect the paint and body of your car from corrosive debris. In parts of the country where salt is used on the roads, regularly washing is especially important.

To read more tips

For a copy of the council’s Car Care Guide or for more information, visit


The BenchtopPRO Cleans a Dirty Greasy Chainsaw

March, 31 2014

Spring is in the air and our resident outdoorsman needs to get his chain saw ready for some spring time clean up. Cody is showing us today how well The BenchtopPRO cleans the dirty greasy chain from his chain saw. We also see the cleaning brush in action and learn more about the microbes and cleaning solution.


GoPro™ with The BenchtopPRO

March, 13 2014:

The Pro Blog is launching a new video series with Cody, our local outdoor sportsman. Cody will be using his GoPro™ to demonstrate how The BenchtopPRO can be used to clean a variety of tools and sports equipment that are of interest to a guy with many interests.

This week Cody is opening up The BenchtopPRO for the first time and setting it up.

Part 1

Part 2

In upcoming weeks, Cody will demonstrate how to clean equipment such as golf clubs, fishing reels, dirt bike parts, gardening tools, cycling gears, lawn mower parts and much more.

We are SO happy spring is just around the corner and soon we will all be out enjoying spring time activities, with our dirt and grease-free tools and toys.



Mike Lyon, Eden, UT says:

March 2014

Comment: Hello,
I purchased your BenchPro a few months ago and I have to say I love it, for
the 1st time in many years of off-road racing motorcycles I have been able
to "safely" clean parts - Thank you!

I am getting ready to order a refill but I would like to know if you offer a
prepump filter I can install or any other recommendations you may have.

Thank you and my Best Regards, Mike Lyon, Eden, UT


What is Bioremediation and How Does it Clean Greasy Parts?


Bioremediation is the use of biological agents such as microbes to break down or neutralize “hazardous substances” or “contaminants” thereby removing dangerous chemicals in the environment. The science of bioremediation is listed as one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) innovative technologies.


How does The BenchtopPRO BT5 solution and microbes clean dirty greasy parts?

The BenchtopPRO uses natural biological microbes to break down the carbon-based contaminants (grease and oil) and turn them into very small quantities of harmless carbon dioxide and water.  The BT5 degreasing solution used in The BenchtopPRO is a non-hazardous, non-corrosive, pH neutral, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-caustic, aqueous-based degreasing solution that is used at room temperature.  Similar types of microbes have been used for many years in various bioremediation applications, such as oil spills, including the clean up after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in March of 1989 and the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

As with all parts cleaners, excessive greases, oils and fluids should be disposed of prior to washing parts. The BenchtopPRO can handle, tough, dirty jobs, but was not designed to be treated as a waste oil dump.


The BenchtopPRO interview on Home Talk USA

The BenchtopPRO was featured on Home Talk USA .  ChemFree’s own, Mike Bedford was interviewed by Michael King, the host of Home Talk USA.  Michael King  is the Cajun Contractor and describes himself as green before green was even cool. Making this interview the perfect match for The BenchtopPRO, which is the first ever bio remediating green parts washer.  

Mike Bedford describes The BenchtopPRO and the microbes used in bio remediation and how it can be useful to a mechanic or a home hobbyist. Also explaining that bio remediation is how The BenchtopPRO creates the self cleaning solution and why it is effective every time, just as it was the first time.

Mike outlines how safe the cleaning solution is for users including their bare hands. Plus The BenchtopPRO solution never needs to be discarded since it is self cleaning. Traditional parts cleaners use toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to the user and also hard to dispose of without harming the environment.

Click below to listen to the complete interview.

Listen to Part One here

Listen to Part Two here

More information about Michael King and Home Talk USA:

  • 2011 Talk Radio Host of the Year
  • National Radio Top 50 Radio Talk Show
  • 3.3 Million Estimated Weekly Listeners
  • #1 Most Recognizable Name In Home Improvement Radio
  • #1 Most Listened Home Improvement Radio Broadcast on Google
  • #1 Most Listened and Downloaded Home Improvement Radio Show
  • Broadcasts on over 150 Radio Markets and 47 Countries Globally


The BenchtopPRO Featured on Home Talk USA

This Saturday, February 2nd, ChemFree’s own Mike Bedford will be interviewed on Home Talk USA at 3:30 by the show’s host, Michael King.  Mike will be sharing  the many uses for The BenchtopPRO in the home garage and will highlight the benefits that the user will experience when using The BenchtopPRO for cleaning dirty greasy items around the house and garage.  To listen to Mike this Saturday go to www.HomeTalk



Brian Mullin from MTBR just gave The BenchtopPRO a great review with an Overall Rating: 4 Flamin’ Chili Peppers 

Thanks Brian, for taking the time to explore our favorite parts washer to share with your readers.  A clean well maintained bike is a great way to start the new year.  Next time feel free to remove your gloves, the solution is non toxic and safe on your hands. Happy riding!

Here’s an excerpt from MTBR’s very detailed review.  Click here to see the full review, The BenchtopPRO pictures and video 

Bottom Line

The BenchtopPRO parts washing system is an excellent portable home or shop tool that uses bioremediation technology, combining a non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-flammable degreaser and microbial additive to clean dirty bike parts. The self-contained unit pumps the cleaning solution (degreaser and microbes) up through a hose to a brush, which you then use to wash and scrub the part to help remove contaminants. The stiff bristles of the brush remove stubborn contaminants, especially if you allow the solution to do its job. The design of the system is quite functional, consisting of the main unit with its fold-out lid that acts as a drying tray, the wash tub, pump, hose and brush, and the inner solution reservoir. I did notice that on occasion it leaked minutely from the bottom when stored vertically, and some fluid rolled up under the bottom of the drying tray when be used, but both were very minor issues. It would be nice if the pump worked off a vehicle battery or plug, since it would make the unit useful for some road trips.

It comes with a 5 Year Warranty on all parts, including the pump and flow-through brush, and retails for $385.00, though currently they have a special pricing of $299. It’s not the cheapest way to clean parts, but the BenchtopPRO parts wash system is safe to use, self-contained, portable and does an excellent job.

  • Easy to use
  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Portable
  • Self-contained
  • Brush with flow control works well – stiff bristles gets off stubborn contaminants
  • 5-year warranty
  • Expensive for part time use
  • Requires a 120v power supply
  • Pump can’t operate off a vehicle power plug – needs to be 12 VDC
  • Leaks – small leakage on occasion when stored vertically
  • Requires occasional restocking with the BT5 degreaser and MicroPro microbe packs

The BenchtopPRO is simple to use, just pop it open, connect the power up and your good to go. The scrub brush has long stiff bristles, which allow it to get deep into the nooks and crannies of parts, helping to remove stubborn stuck-on grit and grime. It does take just a little time for the degreaser and microbes of the solution to do their cleaning work, but it wasn’t that significant. The on-off button worked nicely, allowing one good control of the solution stream, and even though the flow wasn’t substantial, it worked fine and kept things from back splashing. It did a great job cleaning off nasty cassette and derailleurs, and I even used it to clean off the built-up residue on brakes (minus the pads). Once the parts were cleaned, I placed them up on the drying rack, and let the excess solution roll back down into the tub. A very small amount of fluid that had drained off the parts clung to the drain board, and ran back between the lid and the main body. After a decent drying time for the cleaned parts, I put the power cord and adapter back into their compartment, and closed and latched everything up. Even though I cleaned and dried up the tub, there was a minute amount of solution leakage from the bottom when I stood the unit up vertically, perhaps it might be some excess from the hose and brush. There is nice large carry handle for vertical carrying, which is a good thing since it weighs 30 lbs, and contains a bunch of sloshing fluid. In addition, there is hand holds at each end of the unit for easy horizontal carrying, which is convenient for moving it around in the shop and on a table. The microbes in the solution keep breaking down the contaminants even after you shut the box, which means you have a cleaner and more effective washing system. On occasion, you’ll need to replenish the microbes in the solution by adding a new MicroPro pack, and if you use the unit sparingly or not very often, you can hold off the addition until you actually use it. The sell a resupply kit that has another gallon of the BT5 degreaser and eight MicroPro packs, though with my occasional usage, I’d like them to sell the microbes packs by themselves.


Rod & Custom Review: The BenchtopPRO Portable Parts Cleaner - Tool Time

October 10, 2013

Using technology and professional-grade cleaning solutions previously available only to large automotive and industrial customers, the BenchtopPRO is perfectly suited to clean greasy, dirty, oily parts—the types of stuff gearheads deal with on a regular basis...continue reading the article here


The BenchtopPRO – Bicycle Parts Washer for Bike Shops and Bike Repair Shops

A professional strength parts washer  - NOW AVAILABLE IN BIKE SHOP SIZE

Bicycle shop owners, know that a bike is a complex system of moving parts that can be quickly damaged by dirt, grime, dust and other contaminants. Check out The BenchtopPRO – the first ever bioremediating, benchtop parts washer – engineered for the bike repair shop’s cleaning and repair needs.


  • Bicycle Drive Train Parts
  • Bicycle Gears
  • Bicycle Chains
  • Bike Bearings
  • Bolts and Screws
  • Dirt Bike Engine Parts
  • Bike Wheels
  • The Whole Bike

Designed for shops with limited space, the BenchtopPRO is also portable and can be safely stored away when it’s not in use – with the fluid inside. The BenchtopPRO is the Finest Iteration of a Parts Cleaner

Matthew Wright reviewed The BenchtopPRO earlier this year and liked it so much he wrote about it again in a recent article about Parts Cleaning Products – What Works Best

Here’s an excerpt from the article.

Professional style parts cleaners. If you visited a shop 20 years ago you would have seen a big, red, metal box plugged into the wall. This box contained a little sprayer and a few gallons of very chemically parts cleaner. These are still available today, and many people use them. The upside is they are a proven way to clean parts, but many people mistakenly think they are like a dishwasher for car parts. There is still plenty of scrubbing and rubbing involved in getting the gunk to come off. And the chemicals are harsh so high grade chemical-resistant gloves are a must, as well as adequate ventilation. These days there is an alternative. Gone are the nasty, volatile chemicals, replaced with biodegradable degreasing agents that actually recycle themselves! The cleaning box has come a long way, too. The finest iteration of a parts cleaner we’ve found has been the BenchtopPRO. We reviewed it about a year ago and love it more every day. Unlike some of the crazy high end units, this one is affordable for a hobbyist! The degreasing solution contains microbes that actually dissolve the grease, and you can use the solution over and over because it doesn’t really evaporate. The little spout in the middle of the old box has been replaced with a flexible hose with an amazing stiff bristle brush on the end. After a year of abusing this thing, the brush hasn’t even started to fray. I know I’m going on and on, but compared to other offerings, this BenchtopPRO is amazing. Check out the review.

To read the full article go to


The BenchtopPro – Presented by Andy’s Auto Sport 

Bill from Andy’s Auto Sport TV reviewed The BenchtopPRO this week.  Bill is a guy who really understands and appreciates a bio friendly parts washer, describing The BenchtopPRO as a great portable solution for your parts cleaning needs.

Here’s some of the highlights from the video.

An amazing difference between the clean and dirty rocker shaft, compared to when we started.

Degreasing solution - Non toxic, non corrosive, non polluting, non flammable - smells good, like citrus

Bio-friendly: Solution microbes are same as ones used to clean up the 2010 Gulf oil spill – the microbes “eat” the grease

The BenchtopPRO is lightweight, spill proof, self contained  

Great for your garage or portable for your weekend adventures at the racetrack or off roading.

5 year warranty on every component including the pump and the brush


Email Reviews:

David, Herndon Virginia says...

First Email:

"Dear Melissa,

When I reread my email, I realized that I forget to mention how pleased I am
with the product. I restore old motorcycles and, honestly, the old solvent
based parts cleaners were just a source of anxiety and consternation for me.
I hated the smell in the garage, the jeopardy to the environment, and, well,
it's a huge fire hazard to have several gallons of flammable solvent sitting
out in the garage attached to one's house.

The BenchTopPro is wonderful and it's literally the perfect solution (no pun
intended) for many of us."


Second Email:

"Hey Melissa,

Well, I've spent a lot of semi-wasted time trying to put together a DIY
aqueous parts cleaning setup, and in the process of Internet
research, I discovered the BenchTopPro. It was exactly what I was trying
to do, except one important feature: I'm neither a chemist nor a biologist,
so I was never going to be able to develop an effective solvent or
bioremediation technique. Plus, the low cost, portability, and
engineering of the BenchTopPro makes a DIY solution seem pretty
silly and not cost-effective.


Alan from Saddle Brook Controls says...

First E-Mail:

"I currently have your system and it works great…

Thanks for a great product…buying microbe packs separately would make it a perfect solution…


Second E-Mail:

"Hi Melissa…

Just so you know I have bragged about your product so much that I have had to loan my unit out several times already…hopefully that will generate some orders for you…

As a matter of fact I have in on loan right now and that is the reason I needed to activate it with the microbes…

I also loaned the unit to a friend who runs a truck shop and is tired of all the other available cleaning solution setups so he was very interested in the BenchTopPRO…

The coolest thing is that most people are just as impressed about how easy it is to transport/store  as well it cleans…

Anyway you can certainly use any of my comments anyway you would like…

Thanks for the help…."

Alan Reviews The BenchtopPRO

"I am not one who is easily impressed with gimmicky tools, so I can honestly say that the BenchtopPRO is not a gimmick and is actually quite impressive."

Read the full review here!


DIYer Uses The BenchtopPRO to Restore Old Motorcycles

Thanks David, from Herndon, Virginia for taking the time to tell us about your experience with The BenchtopPRO.

Here’s what David had to say:

I am very pleased with The BenchtopPRO.  I restore old motorcycles and, honestly, the old solvent based parts cleaners were a source of anxiety and consternation for me. I hated the smell in the garage, the jeopardy to the environment, and, well it’s a huge fire hazard to have several gallons of flammable solvent sitting out in the garage attached to one’s house. 

I’ve spent a lot of semi-wasted time trying to put together a DIY aqueous parts cleaning setup, and in the process of Internet research, I discovered The BenchtopPro. It was exactly what I was trying to do, except one important feature: I’m neither a chemist nor a biologist, so I was never going to be able to develop an effective solvent or bioremediation technique. Plus, the low cost, portability, and engineering of the BenchTopPro makes a DIY solution seem pretty silly and not cost-effective.

The BenchTopPro is wonderful and it’s literally the perfect solution (no pun intended) for many of us.


The Bicycle Doctor Saves Time with The BenchtopPRO

The BenchtopPRO has been hard at work at The Bicycle Doctor for several months.  Aaron was kind enough to tell us about his experiences with The BenchtopPRO including some of his favorite benefits:

  • Cleans Dirty greasy parts
  • Saves time
  • Safe to use with his bare hands
  • Stores away under the work bench when not in use
  • Brush works well for cleaning

BTP Bike Doctor Testimonial:

The Bike Doctor shop - The BenchtopPRO

The Bike Doctor shop - The BenchtopPRO The Bike Doctor - The BenchtopPRO

The Bike Doctor - The BenchtopPRO The Bike Doctor - The BenchtopPRO

The Bike Doctor - The BenchtopPRO The Bike Doctor - The BenchtopPRO

The Bike Doctor - The BenchtopPRO Parts Cleaning The Bike Doctor - The BenchtopPRO Parts Cleaning

The Bike Doctor - The BenchtopPRO Parts Cleaning The Bike Doctor - The BenchtopPRO Parts Cleaning The Bike Doctor - The BenchtopPRO Parts Cleaning


Project Popup – Cleaning Greasy Parts


Hello spring slash summer.  And spring slash summer for many means camping.

And somehow I’ve been camping like three times in the past two months using a TENT.

While project popup remains less comfortable than a tent. And remains in my carport.

While I camp.

In a tent.

So in between practicing how to sweep out a tent seventeen times per day, I managed to squeeze in a few Saturdays working on our little popup camper.

And like my kids at the Fort Wilderness pool, I’m all over the place on this one.

[insert Wayne’s World time machine sound here]

I started the roof rebuild, and built and installed some countertops. But you wouldn’t know, as I haven’t posted some of those updates yet.

Anyway, I was led astray by a shiny new object.

Hence this post.

A post that magically takes greasy wheel bearings and makes them all shiny clean to inspect.

Then realize you have to order all new wheel bearings for your popup camper.

Okay. It’s not the post, but the BenchTop Pro—an environmentally-friendly parts washer that, well…can sit on the top of your bench.

The BenchTop Pro Remediating Parts Washer

BechTop Pro parts washer to clean greasy automotive parts

The BenchTop Pro. A grease-eating powerhouse in a convenient roto molded package.

Something like this can be your best friend if you too have greasy wheel bearings, or a greasy old ’56 Ford steering box, or even just greasy hands.

Back to the wheel bearings and trailer brakes.

Being that the camper is now 13 years old, and I have no idea of when (or if) maintenance was performed, so a thorough inspection of the electric brakes and wheel bearings was necessary.

Popup camper wheel brakes are checked and wheel bearings are inspected

I chocked both wheels of the trailer, jacked up one side and placed a jack stand under the frame so I could remove the wheel.

Popup camper wheel bearings grease

I removed the grease cap to get at the castle nut that holds on the hub.

camper brakes maintenance remove the castle nut to grease wheel bearings

Here’s a close up of the castle nut. I was looking for a cotter pin, but the washer had two little tabs that push over into the castle nut to keep it from moving.

Trailer electric brakes are inspected and serviced

With the nut and washer removed, I was able to get a good look at the electric drum brakes. I wonder if it’s been sitting for a while? I think I’d trust the strength of those cobwebs before I’d trust the rusty springs and brake pads. I instantly knew I’d probably just order all new parts—I had already priced complete assemblies, and at under $60 to do both sides it was worth my time to just bolt on new stuff.

Bioremediation parts washer uses microbes to clean grease

I pulled the bearings out of the hub and went back to the BenchTop Pro parts washer. You can see the lid opens to give you a surface for washed parts to drain and dry off.

BenchTop Pro parts washer is a green alternative to cleaning greasy parts without solvent

I was impressed with the quality of the brush fixture and couldn’t wait to get this thing fired up to see how it worked.

Safe solvent-free parts washer from BenchTop Pro

The power supply packs into a little compartment above the pump assembly. It has a simple lamp-style switch to turn the unit on.

green alternative to solvent parts washer

What sets the BenchTop Pro apart from the rest is the degreasing concentrate and the microbial treatment packs. The treatment packs contain microbes that literally eat the grease. This means you don’t need heat or a bunch of toxic chemical solvents to degrease parts. It’s the world’s first bioremediating parts washer that works at room temperature.

Add the grease eating degreaser concentrate with water

I added the gallon of degreasing concentrate with water in a 1:2 ratio (one part concentrate to 2 parts water). The solution is non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-caustic, non-irritating and pH neutral. All of those “nons” made me a little worried that it would be non-degreasing too…

grease eating microbes are green and safe alternative to chemical and solvent degrease cleaners

Then the package of microbes was added and I was ready to go. I noticed the solution was pleasant-smelling. Kinda lemon-y. Also note the stainless steel strainer basket so little parts don’t accidentally wash into the cleaning solution tank.

Cleaining greasy bearings and brake parts with a parts washer

I started with a few of the parts, saving the greasy bearings for last. I didn’t bother to wipe off the excess grease first to put the BenchTop Pro to the test.

degreasing parts washer

Next, I tried the greasy bearing. I have gloves on since I didn’t want to get all greasy, but I asked the folks who made the BenchTop Pro if I could go with out gloves, even using the washer to clean greasy hands—they assured me the solution was safe and mild enough to clean the greasiest of hands.

BenchTop Pro parts washer review

Here’s the brush in action. There was pretty good flow through the brush, and with the machined thumb valve to control the flow, you don’t have to turn the unit on and off constantly while cleaning parts.


clean greasy engine parts with bioremediation cleaning solution

Clean parts! The BenchTop Pro was far better than my old metal stationary shop parts washer. And there was no harsh chemicals.

So my now-clean bearings showed some signs of wear, and for about $10 per side, it made sense just to order a bearing kit to ensure smooth towing once project popup gets on the road. I’ll create another post showing the install of the new bearings, and brakes as soon as they arrive via my amazon order.

And for the parts washer, I really liked the portability of the unit. I can take it from home to my shop, and even store it on end with the solution inside—fitting neatly under my workbench—when it’s not on top of it!

And my concern over all of the “nons” was a non-issue. The parts were cleaned with very little effort and left me only with the desire for some lemonade.

I think the BenchTop Pro is a good buy for the avid DIYer and even a small repair shop. It’s gotta be used monthly at a minimum so the microbes have something to eat, or else you have to add another package of the microbes to boost the cleaning power. Don’t worry, the unit comes with 4 packages and you can easily order supplies from the BenchTop Pro website. The retail price of $299 means its affordable enough if you do regular maintenance or have a restoration project. And if you are a professional, I’m sure it will pay for itself in lieu of those chemical disposal fees you incur from that rusty ol’ solvent parts washer taking up space in the corner of the shop.

Learn more at and tell ‘em dadand sent you. And stay tuned for more on project popup.

Disclosure: Dadand received a review unit to test and put through the paces of real-world-DIY-wanna-be-professional-but-mostly-amateur use. Receipt of said apparatus does not guarantee a post or review, but we honestly liked it. We figured posts like this may help some guy create a list of stuff he wants for the holidays or birthday or whatever. Oh, and we don’t get paid for this. But we might get more cool stuff which means we have a really hard time creating a list of stuff we want for the holidays or birthdays or whatever. Our wives hate that. And that we clutter the garage.


The BenchtopPRO Featured on GearZ TV with Stacey David

Last night, Stacey David, the host of the GearZ TV show on the Speed Network, shared The BenchtopPROwith his viewers. Showing how this portable parts washer can be helpful both in the garage and on the go.

If you missed the episode last night at 8 or 11pm you have a chance to see it again two more times on:

  • Jun 30, 2013 @ 7:30AM/EST
  • Jul 29, 2013 @ 5:30PM/EST

If you work on any type of dirty, greasy parts – you owe it to yourself to check out The BenchtopPRO!

See the BenchtopPRO in Stacey David’s Black Book


Marietta Mower: The BenchtopPRO Saves Us Money


Larry Ceminsky shares the benefits of The BenchtopPRO which include:

  • Saves money on carburetor cleaner
  • Easily portable
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Effective – brush gets into crevasses




The BenchtopPRO Tops “Garage Guy’s” List for Father’s Day

The BenchtopPRO, an easy-to-store, self-contained parts washer that is green and really cleans greasy parts, wax-based lubricants and lots of “things” in the man garage, announced today it is extending its Spring Cleaning price through Father’s Day. As seen on Two Guys Garage, Truck U and was named Popular Mechanics “May Tool of the Month,” The BenchtopPRO continues to be a go-to gift for the “Garage Guy.”

“For the ‘Garage Guy’, The BenchtopPRO brings their workshop to the next level by providing the powerful technology once only available to large industrial and automotive repair facilities into their home workspace,” said Tom McNally with The BenchtopPRO.  “A combination of rock-solid construction and unique features including portability, storability and bioremediation make this the ultimate addition to any workshop this Father’s Day.”


Tool Tips from Willie B, Co-host of Two Guys Garage

The BenchtopPRO and Two Guys Garage teamed up this month to help those who love to DIY.  We asked Willie B to tell us about his tools.


RoadBike Magazine Reviews The BenchtopPRO plus Two Guys Garage Week 3 Contest Answer


The BenchtopPRO Announces National Car Care Month “Tool Tips” from Truck U’s Bruno Massel and Matt Steele


Building Moxie Reviews The BenchtopPro

Thomas Bader of The Building Moxie gave The BenchtopPRO a good work out cleaning his 855 John Deere tractor parts and wrote a comprehensive review. Here are a few highlights from his experience.  To read the full article.

The cleaning solution easily cut through the gear oil. All of the parts I needed to clean fit into the unit. The drain board on the lid was a convenient place to let the pieces air dry. Until the pieces were dry, they still felt oily; once dry, they felt as clean as any solvent-based unit I have used.

The creators of the BenchtopPro market it as a portable unit. In my application, it really did work well. Not only did I have to clean the removed parts, but the differential housing must be cleaned also. I was able to easily bring the BenchtopPro to where the work needed to be done. With the tractor raised and supported on stand jacks, I was able to slide the BenchtopPro under both the final drive housing and the differential housing. 

I did like the brush having the flow control valve on it. This allowed me to set the brush outside the sink area without having to shut the pump switch off. I have always serviced my own vehicles and equipment. The size and safety of The BenchtopPro make it a nice unit for a small shop or even a home shop.

If you’re wondering though if I would buy one. Yes I would.


What our Twitter followers have to say about The BenchtopPRO

We asked our Twitter followers what they would clean with The BenchtopPRO parts washer and here are a few of their answers:

Antique tools

Grease covered tools in my workshop,

Hubby’s tools as a surprise for him

Tools in our shed

Demon carburetor

Greasy cannibalized bike parts

Parts for my floor jack that I’m rebuilding and painting,

ATV transmission

What would you clean if you had The BenchtopPRO?  At our house we would clean all of the things that my husband and son normally clean in my kitchen sink, things like golf clubs, gun parts, gardening tools, salt water fishing lures and a bunch of other guy things. I love the idea of this being a portable sink that keeps their stuff where it belongs… in the garage! Our newest parts washer, The BenchtopPRO

Bench top parts washer       


Popular Mechanics - May 2013 Tool of the Month

BenchtopPRO - Popular Mechanics Tool of the Month


The BenchtopPRO Featured on Truck U...





Atlanta Home Show and The BenchtopPRO





DIY Network: Tuesday Toolsday: Win a BenchtopPRO Cleaner

Next Tuesday, we will be giving away a BenchtopPRO parts cleaner. This is a great tool for all homeowners, DIYers and mechanics.  The BenchtopPRO is a parts-washing system that can clean years of gunk and grime off most anything from lawnmower blades to bicycle parts, and it works great on flea market treasures that you’re planning on repurposing. on February 8, 2013

The recently launched BenchtopPRO provides smaller shops with a parts washer option that cleans the dirtiest and greasiest parts without damaging the environment or the user’s hands and clothes.

The BenchtopPRO is a bioremediating (self-cleaning solution) bench-top parts washer, which cleans dirty parts at room temperature.


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The BenchtopPRO Parts Washer is a Safe, Green Alternative


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For Your Shop: BenchtopPRO Bioremediating Parts Washer